April 22, 2020
For Immediate Release
“When society requires to be rebuilt, there is no use in attempting to rebuild on the old plan.” –John Stuart Mill, English Philosopher and Economist.
We are in an election year, covert or overtly, campaign has started in earnest. Considering the line-up for the parliamentary seat, the hotbed of activities and the focus of the world will definitely be on Agona East Constituency in the Central Region. Our constituency is the home of illustrious men and women cutting across various fibres of our nation’s sphere. Agona East holds a huge potential in every sense of the word but deprived of the actual growth and development it deserves. It therefore stands to reason that, to change the rendition, the constituency needs total peace, unity and effective leadership in parliament and a deliberate drive to change the statusquo. These cannot be achieved through violence but understanding.
Events of recent weeks on the political front in the constituency call for worry. The attitude of political players to remove, deface or destroy entirely the campaign posters of opponents must be condemned in no-uncertain terms-by all well-meaning constituents of Agona East. This single act of intolerance and disrespect for choice of ideological affiliations is not only creating an undercurrent of tension but falls foul of our electoral laws. It is simply, a recipe for a looming disaster if not nipped in the bud at this early stages of campaign activities.
I am by this release calling on the Youth of Agona East to be aware of the very challenges that have been facing the constituency over many years and must not allow themselves to be used by political player(s) who think the only way to serve the people at the highest level must be through violence and intimidation. We must be reminded that, this year’s parliamentary elections is going to be fought on issues through decent engagements, respect for each other’s views and what we can do to bring back the hope, the true definition of participatory governance, giving meaning to the empowerment of the youth who have been marginalized for a very long time.
To ensure the peace of the constituency, I humbly plead with the Respected Traditional Leaders, Clergy and Security agencies to as a matter of urgency step in with their influence to call for calm; as we all work towards making Agona East a hub of productivity in the years to come.

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