The much anticipated youth program which turned out to be a historic event happened on the 6th of March 2020 at Agona Asafo.
It was the inauguration of the spirited “Youth for Prof” with code name Y4P-20. The volunteer group is made up of enthusiastic vibrant young people within the Agona East constituency who have dedicated their times and energies to support Prof Yankah to victory 2020.

The inauguration was marked a health walk through the principal streets of Agona Asafo through Kotokoli Zongo led by the Minister In charge of Tertiary Education, Prof. Kwesi Yankah who doubles as the NPPs parliamentary candidate for Agona East constituency.

The group which constituted young girls and boys from and across the Agona East constituency shook the foundation of Agona Asafo where the event was held.
The youth were poised and ready for change at the constituency level with some alleging that, the current MPs inability to speak in parliament is problematic and not surprising that it has had a ripple effect on lack of development in the constituency until the timely intervention of Prof. Kwesi Yankah who in three years of the NPP government has achieved more than the incumbent opposition Mp’s eight years tenure in the constituency.

The popular cliche that climax the event and heard on everybody’s lips was “we don’t need rice and oil again, we want Prof’s Project”. unfortunately, the mp is known to engage in the distribution of rice and oil to the electoral populace in the constituency when elections is near amidst the difficulty most of them go through in the tenure of her office.

The time has come for Agona East to present a candidate who better understands the president’s vision, has integrity and respect for every person and this group believed that, the best candidate for this position is Prof. Kwesi Yankah.

The KEEPFIT started at exactly 4pm and ended at 7pm with an overwhelming crowd. chanting ” Prof.eeeeeeeee” with almost every member of the crowd sipping an EKU Fruit Juice a replica of the president’s One district one factory.

Prof. Yankah gave a short but inspirational speech, thanking everyone for taking part in the historic event and also praising the president, Nana Addo for helping him to bring a lot of developmental projects such as provision of electricity, water projects, school buildings across the whole constituency, a new hospital to be established at kwanyako, road networks, job opportunities, soft loans through MASLOC for the market women in the constituency and a host of others

In the final stages he stated that arrangements has been made for the construction of a new ultra modern six unit Presbyterian JHS block for Agona Asafo in addition to the six unit Zion school block he has completed. Prof. Reiterated the fact that, the government has education at heart and will consider naming the new Presbyterian school after Prof. Kwesi Botwe of the NDC who boast of it as his Alma mata though he couldn’t see to the renovation or construction of the school after serving as a finance Minister in the esrtwhile Rawlings Administration in the 90s for a very long time.

Prof. Yankah who has always been a down to earth person full of respect for everyone throughout his life threw his weight behind the youth and charged them to take advantage of government policies and utilize it to the fullest and that, he is ready to support them to achieve their dreams within his capacity.
He concluded by thanking the Chiefs and the people of the town and commended the youth For PROF for their massive organization and preparedness towards election 2020.
The program was very successful and historic.


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