McLord Ice and Haruna Zoree captured on Spanish blockbuster movie Black Beach as Unit Production Managers.

Maclord (left) Zoree (right)

Black Beach is a Spanish movie directed by Esteban Crespo and was produced in Spain and some African countries including Ghana. After the release of the film on netflix, most Ghanaian are expressing their joy on many things including the feature of one of the biggest musicians from Ghana Shatta Wale’s songs played in a club scene.

Some are also given praises to the crew that worked towards the success of the film.
Amazingly the two big brains whose effort was very intensive on the Production comes from Ghana Film Directors Guild, Mclord Ice Impraim and Haruna Zoree Soale. These filmmakers have been working on almost every international film that is produced in Ghana including “Borga” and “Joseph”

Mclord and Zoree are a perfect team to handle all Productions to a global approved level.

Mclord is also known as the director for top Ghanaian movie Awaken and documentaries by him includes The Poisonous Money, Joshua The Blind Teacher, The Blind Actor,The Armless Painter, Brother’s Image etc

One of their upcoming project that is much anticipated is April Fool which was shot last year October at Cape Coast.

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