Good Health Care Made A Priority In Madina Constituency!

It is said that a countries development and progress depends on Good Governance, Leadership Concerned About The Welfare of The Inhabitants and Policies Meant to Guide and Make Life Good and Easy for the citizenry.

Madina Constituency has made an indelible mark on the populace by the leadership and policies instituted by the current Minister of Paliament Hon. Abu Bakar Saddique Boniface.

Accessibility to free health care has been made a major priority by the MP and his cohorts amidst other great developmental projects and assistance to uplift small scale businesses in the area. Every area in the Madina Constituency has had a feel of these regular free healthcare/treatment so as to have an utmostly healthy and sound constituents.

With a survey carried out to certify the assumption we chanced on Madam Matilda who is one of the strong advocates and facilitators of the free regular health screening and Community clean up exercises. She says “the reason we are making sure the constituency is healthy and sound is in line with their long term strategic plan to develop and make Madina one of the most livable areas in Ghana as having healthy constituents makes it possible for they are the working force and the reason for any policy instituted to make Madina great. She further applauded the good works of the MP Hon. Boniface many of the benefiting Projections instigated untill madina is made that area everyone would love to settle in”.

We had the chance to speak with many more people on the street to get their views on how the regular free healthcare screening has assisted them and they had this to say… Below are pictures and videos taking from some of the screening centers and street.

Live New Brought To You By : The Community Advocates.

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