Deefio writes…

Dear NPP Delegate,

Dee Fio

I trust this piece finds you in good health, as you prepare to select your parliamentary candidates for the next Parliamentary Elections come December 7.

Over the last weeks, some of you have resorted to indecent acts and employed wasteful social media picnics in this pursuit, because you feel your preferred candidates weren’t approved by top leadership of your party. I don’t have any interest in that aspect. I want to believe the New Patriotic Party, like any serious establishment has structures to take complaints and address same by its stakeholders.

Dear ‘kingmaker’, as you go to the polls tomorrow to exercise your franchise, have the interest of Ghana at heart, not your selfish interest and needless loyalty for personalities and political party. In fact, some of the people that’ll be selected tomorrow are virtually winners for the main elections, because of the electoral fortunes pertaining to the constituency they may find themselves. This means that, the onus lies on you as a delegate and a kingmaker, to choose those who’ll be interested in developing your constituencies and deepen democracy in Ghana. Don’t sell your conscience for substandard. Your vote doesn’t worth anything material in exchange for inferior. The end result is damning! The 500 cedis will finish in few days, but your bad decision will hunt you for the next 4 years.

Don’t be a political gluttonous – selfish fool who will sacrifice his conscience for cheap parochial interest from desperate paymaster. Don’t allow a greedy, vision-less, self-serving candidate to take your dignity and sense of reasoning away. Vote for leaders who’ll not batter your future for self-aggrandizement. Vote for leaders who are ready to listen and accept criticisms, not power drunks who think they always have superior mind than the “ordinary” delegate.

In conclusion, let the Peace of Ghana and the serene atmosphere we’re enjoying currently ring continuously in your mind. You trigger a war at the peril of your future and that of your family and friends. So think! Ghana needs all of us.

I wish you all the best. May the right choice be made tomorrow.

Gyegyewase Noth
Agona Asafo Republic

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