Friendship and Loyalty: Dr. Osei Kwame Despite and Dr. Fadda Dickson Narh

Despite (left) Fadda (right)

I cannot say much about these two gentlemen but all I can say is they have both been loyal to each other. They started from scratch. One was adventurous and the other innovative. They blended their spirit together to solve a Ghanain problem in their own way. Fadda has always been honest to his boss and friend Despite from day one and served him right. Despite in other way realised the potentials of Fadda and believed in his dreams thus trusted him with his investment. Today, they are all reaping what the sewed together. I call it the beauty of friendship. We must choose our friend wisely by getting closer to people who are willing to sacrifice for the greatness of our future. Do away with friends who always take and has nothing to offer. Don’t undermine great dreams
Resect each other and don’t be greedy. Note this; FriendSHIP is like SHIP. The company you take today determines your future destination (Destiny).
God bless these two great personalities and keep them save longer for their legacy is stronger and inspiring. Generations shall keep Celebrating them.

Written by : Ronnie Ato Paintsil (Afrikaba)

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