I heard some schools have laid off their workers just within a month of this pandemic.
Its sad and i always feel sooo so so sad when workers are not respected at least to engage in a discussion for a comforting agreement during crises. Simple analogy. It beats my imagination. An institution in this 21st century where teachers are taken for granted!!!!!!!!!!!! An institution where everyone is afraid to ask question is a 100% sure of collapsing. Can those schools with such poor management skills tell their staff that they have proactive heads who hold their members at heart/ high esteem? Are heads and proprietors/ proprietress aware of suggestions from government folks to meet the PTA for a negotiable contract in order to render services during this Covid-19 pandemic. The whole nation is wounded, government has been exposed with loopholes in all sectors. Due to this, private schools have taken advantage of trampling on the right of teachers( freedom of expression) you try to suggest or correct, you are warned to be fired. Private school teachers are now left in a muted dilemma that has developed mouth odour with unconcerned attitude. The threats have also put innocent children in a state of melancholy. Wise up Ghana government, its an eye opener to professional teachers who are found in Private institutions. Some will find every means (nuke and cranny) to enter government institutions. To conclude today, any school that treats its workers are likely to maintain them and those who are not considered or even respected as humans will or might loose the hard working ones.
To my fathers and mothers who owe schools, the only way your school can stand after COVID-19 will be as a result of how you treated/ respected parents and teachers.
I pray for all teachers in the private sectors to still hope in the Lord. Have clean conscience, love your pupils and respect their parents.
Parents, you must thank your wards teachers and appreciate their services to their growth and development. It has not been easy and still not easy battling with your own kids in your homes. Parents who take delight and insult teachers for not taking proper care of their wards, how has life been during this period? Has your ward not fallen as a result of your own mistake?. To err is human but to forgive is divine. Teachers who take extra care of pupils whose parents always give them money and neglect the vulnerable kids, how has life been at home. Are those parents still send you money? Treat all equal.
We owe an apology to ourselves, ( government, sch owners, parents, teachers and pupils)
If we have another chance after this pandemic, i think we all need to show true love for all
Citizen- Sevor Robert

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