I’ve said times without number no president can make our country better but ourselves, if we don’t change our mindsets we shall continue to suffer till the world comes to an end. Why can’t we just obey simple instructions aimed at protecting us, what is so difficult in adhering to these directives?

The government is doing all it can to tame the impact of this virus and ours is just to help make it work by obeying simple instructions, yet some recalcitrants, nationwreckers are bent on making things difficult for everybody. Why would there have been a need for military presence in our cities if we know what’s right for us, do we need the military to make us adhere to rules and regulations, are we saying we can’t use our heads in these times, do we have to be forced to save ourselves?

What hurts me most is the fact that most of these measures came from the very people making things difficult now, Ghanaians cried for a lockdown and the president heard their cry, now same people are taking the law into their own hands. Why are we doing this to ourselves?

See this viral video of an animal disguised as a human being clearly saying he lied to the military about his intentions of buying food but just wanted to come out for sight seeing, how on earth can a human being with blood running through his veins think of such stupidity, imagine the security details whipping the animal out of this idiot some Ghanaians will just politicize it even though they know sometimes we need to apply brute force to get some results.

If we don’t change from our animalistic ways in these times then the security details will have no option than to take we back to the good old Rawlings days and some of us will defend them with our all. We can’t allow the animal in a few others destroy the human life in the masses.

A #CoronaFreeSociety is our collective responsibility, let’s help make it better.

Let’s all keep safe


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