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Independence is only a prelude to a new and more involved deliberate struggle for the right to conduct our own economic and social affairs; to construct our society according to our aspirations, culture, unhampered by crushing and humiliating neo-colonialist control and interference forged with the artistic anvil chatting a new path for our new freedom collectively found through the unique efforts of many unsung heroes.
I remember with pain and disappointment in front of 31 other African heads of state when we met in the Ethiopian capital, Addis Ababa, on 24 May 1963, I appealed, cajoled, and did everything in perhaps the greatest of my speech ever to convince the eminent heads of state to create a strong continental union. Sadly, the split decision and personal interest washed away this centurion dream of the United States of Africa.

In my address to the OAU I made a profound statement after extending my hopes and fraternal greetings of the government and people of Ghana to the council.

I said “Our objective is African union now. There is no time to waste. We must unite now or perish”.

*Perish* ? Yes, we may perish if with concerted effort and determination we do not lay here the foundations for a continental Union of African States pivoted on the foundation of home grown policies guarded by an *Africa without aid*.
Our beautiful continent imposed a mandate upon us to lay the foundation of our union at the conference. It was our responsibility to execute this mandate by creating the formula upon which the requisite superstructure may be created.

I have observed and listened from the metaphysical world the cry and the tragedy wrecking the world and my beautiful continent (Africa) in what I describe as a proxy battle between the world super powers “GONE BAD”.
It is clear that all the cases in Africa are imported cases. From the start we were made to believe in deceit the greener pastures concept of *success* being a bonafide property of the western Countries. Why must an African with precious minerals on his land travel to the land of snow and cold wars to seek success?

With frustration and high sense of collective Africanism with other late African leaders from the land of our ancestors we call on all Africans to elevate the hopes and realities of our very existence.

We have to understand that the shaping of our national destinies requires of each of us our political, economic and social independence. So we must recognise that our economic independence resides in our countries and requires the same concentration upon the political achievement.

We must begin to develop our local economies to absorb the needs of our own people. Africa has grown pass the days of importing chicken, rice, chocolate, clothings and cheap technologies into our cultural landscape.

Today our unbillical cords who traveled in search of greener pastures have brought us diseases which could have easily been avoided if we had maintained the need for an African Union and home grown policies.

Whispering from my tomb side Mandela quizzes; which independent African state, will claim that its financial structure and banking institutions are fully harnessed to its national development?

Last night at the market square Muammar al- Gadaafi asked, Which African country will claim that its material resources and human energies are available for its own national aspirations?
The time has come for us to liberate our energies to solve our own problems as one Africa else we risk the danger of perishing. We should be wary and careful in the years ahead of us. COVID 19 is just a rehearsal for a bigger challenge ahead.

God did not put us on this land to be poor and travel overseas in search of greener pastures, we must develop a collective and united Africa that is focused on creating a conducive environment capable of absorbing the problems, utilising it resources to the benefit of it people.

*Omankyeame* translates from the corridors of Nkrumah.

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