I am the Nkrumah of my time: An inspirational piece dedicated to Asafo Forum for Change

I am the Nkrumah of my generation and community. I am the force that resonates the spirit of selflessness, leadership and service; humility with firmness; openness, dedication and commitment with integrity and truthfulness; love, kindness with principles among my people.

I am not a saint, yet that honest admission makes me strive to be fair and considerate as I demand same from others. I represent the voice that whispers POSITIVE CHANGE, loudly to the wonderful people of my community, the Republic of Agona Asafo.

Nkrumah had the Big Six, but I have #AsafoForumforChange. Nkrumah propagated ‘Self Goverment Now’ and I am trumpeting ‘Positive Change Now’ for my community at large and for the youth in particular.

Today as we celebrate Nkrumah’s achievements as well as that of other patriots of his time, I take this opportunity to celebrate my brothers and sisters who have accepted to be Change Makers by joining Asafo Forum for Change. It takes a great deal of efforts, love, kindness, selflessness, dedication, and patriotism, to commit your time, energy, resources and ideas to support others and the community at large. Yet, you have remained resolute to ensuring that the dreams and aspirations that birthed the Forum are achieved.

Some times, we might not even get any applause or smiles of appreciation or a thankful expression from those we might help. But the ultimate satisfaction is that, what we do is for God and Community. I appreciate all Change Makers for their sacrifices so far and I am confident that we shall achieve more together.

We appreciate the support of those who have endorsed and encouraged Asafo Forum for Change from afar. We shall continuously count on your support.

To anyone reading this piece today, you can also become the Nkrumah in anything you set out to do. Life is worth living when it has imparted other lives. Without impact, life is empty. Self aggrandizement shall fade away, but a meaningful contribution towards the wellbeing of another shall forever be remembered. And today we have a holiday to celebrate Nkrumah because of such virtues.

Be the Nkrumah of your time.

Ayekoo to all persons who are determined to bring or inspire positive change wherever they are. Its just a matter of time. Your works shall be celebrated.

I salute all Change Makers of AsafoForumforChange as I dedicate this piece to them.

Fio Richardson Commey
Convenor – AsafoForumforChange
(The Small Boy from the Republic of Agona Asafo)

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