The word ‘Blogger’ was derived from ‘Blog’.A Blog is a website containing a writer’s or group of writers’ own experiences, observations, opinions, etc., And often having images and links to other websites.”It’s much more than that, but to make it super simple, I’d define it as an independent source of information that is regularly publishing new content.

So therefore, A Blogger is simply someone who owns and manages a blog Or A Blogger is an online journalist.


As a musician, your number one problem is getting your music in front of new people and potential fans. So, the real question you need to be asking yourself is, How are you going to get people to care about your work?

There are so many musicians out there, all vying for attention. How do you break through the noise and get people to even know you exist?

The worst thing that you can do is to constantly push your music in people’s faces. You know, like those musicians who are constantly repeating “listen to my songs,” “check out my new track,” or “buy my music” like a broken record.Has that ever gotten you, as a fan, interested in someone else’s music? Probably not.

I want you to think of your interactions with your fans like a relationship. Just like a real relationship, it takes time to develop and you can’t just expect to take. Simply put, people connect with people who have something interesting to say beyond.

A blog is a great tool for you to use to connect with people on many different levels. It will let you show the person behind the music, the process behind the song, and the meaning behind the lyrics. It’s a place for longer-form content (compared to social media where you’re usually limited), and that means you have more freedom to express yourself and share your story and music stuffs as well. This is one salient reason why it is mandatory for every artistes to get a blogger.

1.A blog is also a great way to authentically and creatively link to your offers the music and tickets you have for sale as well as the offers you have to sign up to your email list. The more your fans are exposed to your offers, the more likely they go for it. This is another reason why every artiste should get a blogger.

2.With a blog, you can build and maintain a strong fan base which is crucial for your future work. Having a strong online presence will let your fans know you’re still active. Also, your blog may become a powerful magnet for new fans.This is a good way for creating new conversations with all of your followers. Therefore, you can explain your views directly but also have fast feedback. Most of the fans love having a chance to contact the artist personally.

The blog will give you a chance to present your opinions and passions and it may help you define your artistic expression more precisely. The opportunities like these are essential for a successful musician because you need to find your place under the sun. Once you get yourself a Blogger, you can create a prominent brand which will allow you presence in a vast community of your potential fans.

What’s more, expressing your thoughts and views will put you on a field with other bloggers, too. With your views becoming stronger and more passionate, you’ll also gain an increased credibility amongst the fans. Of course, credibility, among other crucial things, is what makes you a true musician and a potential star.

3.In the end, you should consider a blog as a window to the entire world. Use it as a good way of connecting to the entire music community. This means you should link to other bands, performers and their blogs, share their stories, videos and gigs.

They will appreciate your small gesture and do the same for you too. Plus, your fans will also like the idea that you support other musicians. Who knows? Maybe it will be a start of some collaborations. Anyway, a blog is a great resource, whose potential should not be underestimated, so work out a strategy and get yourself a Blogger.

I entreat every artiste who is willing and desperate to do music to get him/herself a blogger.

Abdul Optimistic Writes.

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