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I was seated behind the staff of SWESCO, a serpentine arrangement that saw me position my neck in an ostrich mode. The long extensive introduction by the Girls Prefect took exactly 23 minutes, which took many by surprise and wondered if that was the Curriculum Vitae of one person.

I was full of joy and concomitant emotions reflecting on his paper published in the mid 70s dubbed “The making and Breaking of Nkrumah” where he actually revealed a seminary student of Lincoln University pouring libation on the grave of Dr. Kwegyir Aggrey in Carolina….. That was the good old Professor Yankah indeed.

His sharp artistic lenses immediately stood to correct a statement he hilariously knew was the possibility come December 7, 2020. “I am not an MP for Agona East. Point of correction, with due respect”.

Prof. I agree with you in principle, but for now we celebrate you as an illustrious umbilical cord of Agona and the role model of we the upcoming ones in academia and modern day politics.

The day I saw his publication on African oratory particularly connected with the “Okyeame”, I fell in love with his Ogyakrom, defining an era in newspaper publications and winning the longest columnist writer in many years. Introspection… why won’t Nana Addo be your Lawyer?

The “Umbilical Cord”, a profound statement that was revealed in his speech tracing the historical antecedent of the Agona people opens the doors for another chapter in his ocean of publications. However, I am convinced it sends a strong signal and direction to we as Agonas, never to forget our root. Emphasizing the critical aspect of all his CV was the fact that he traces his root from Agona.

Henceforth, I and the like-minded young people of Agona have nicknamed you the “Agona Boy”.

Now we know the Agona people have produced human capital in all spheres of life to serve Africa’s Ghana and the world at large. It was also revealed that an Agona school established in the late 50s by Osagyefo has produced a rocket scientist with NASSA, Professors, Doctors, Engineers, astute Politicians and Teachers serving in different capacities.

Today marked the beginning of a new era in the educational and infrastructural transformation of the Agona people. A group that was born out the creative hands of Odomankoma and carefully woven to fit every part of society. We need to chart a new part of development in our education. “There comes a time, Asafo will have a St. Agustines and Duakwa will have an Mfantsipim, etc. Our educational success should be manifested in the results our schools churn out – Prof. Yankah (2020).

I was particularly overwhelmed to learn that, the father of our current President Nana Addo once taught in Agona, and the first school that was promulgated by an “illiterate” chief was built at Agona Duakwa by Nana Kojo Amoakwa I on an Agona soil. Indeed we have come far as a people.

Our umbilical cord is a shining example for the rest of Ghana and beyond, and it keeps bleeding tears of joy calling on all of us to unite as a group and forge ahead with a common goal for a success story.

Professor Yankah’s speech at the 61st Speech and Prize – Giving Day generated an assortment of tears, beautifully telling it story of hope on the faces of everyone who was present at the ceremony. The Vice president couldn’t help but remained calm and attentively rendered like an artist creatively rendering a still life painting. This is a true reflection of a man with intelligence of the highest order. He has lived, worked, experienced and practiced what the president refers to as nobility on the face of wisdom and knowledge…THIS IS indeed the GOOD OLD PROFESSOR.

Sad to note that, I had no transaction papyrus.

I am personally grateful to the driver who made it a possibility for me to witness such a wonderful occasion.

Forever grateful PROF.

God bless your endeavours.

Call me Omankyeame, a proud Agona indigene.

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