Charles Abeiku-Forson

Who cares for Ghana athletics? You care I care
Who is to be blame for Ghana athletics? You and I.
Who is to be praised for Ghana athletics? All of us.

When I look at the smiling face of the winner then I ask myself where is the pain he was complaining of at the middle of the race?
This tells that men easily forget pain .
I am happy to see men coming out of the pain and griefs.
I can see Ghanaian athletes doing great with races and event all over in and outside the country with outstanding performances

A hope for the sprinter to be Benjamin Azamati
A hope for the long distance runner to be William Amponsah
And the hope for High jumper shows clearly that our DAAKYE is bright

I believe that in as much as we criticise, blame and fight the system and some individuals over some of the responsibilities then what stops us from praising, appreciating and rewarding them as well for the Good work done?

God bless sport minister!
God bless NSA!
God bless LOC!
God bless GAA !
God bless the university communities in Ghana!
God bless GAF!
God bless PAAG!
God bless Ghanaian athletics club !
God bless Ghana coaches !

Let take this advantage to motivate and encourage some individuals like coach Boniface ,(high moral) coach Elorm( UG)
Coach Mikey(UEW) and Coach Moro (GAF),coach Hugan (Team Daakye) and many great coaches.

God bless Mr Bawah
And anyone who spends his money and time to promote athletics in Ghana..
Together we can build our athletics .
Rumors will just make u hate innocent people.

Charles Abeiku Forson

(Daakye Runners Club)

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