Football is now the most popular game accross the world which also among the top economic activities worldwide. In West Africa, football is more passionate and committed to the lives of the people. In every community or household there is a football talent(s) seen but the hindrance is the nurturing process. Not everyone is able to attend the football academy due to financial difficulties.

Today, Hidden Talent Discovery is a talent management organisation base in Switzerland has set their lenses at West Africa to fetch and manage young and exceptional footballers who are aiming to be a world class footballers to make their dreams a reality.

This project will take effect accross all West Africa countries as each brings selected 15 players from the ages of 17 to 22 years.

Ghana which among the top hub of footballers will host all the selected talents to be given special football education and training. Finally, the organization will select top 15 players among all and will be taken to Europe to persue their careers.

Speaking to Mr. James Adofo on this project, he said, there are more likes of Sadio Mane, Diddier Drogba, Michael Essien, Okocha, Abedi Pele, Oppong Weah and many more still in the rural areas who are struggling to the limelight but he is very excited such project is in to discovery all these hidden talents. He added that he urge all football lovers to spread the news accross as the project scouting start this month of June. He gave a contact: +233 24260 2593 for all interested stakeholders to call and get more details. reporters will keenly follow “BE DISCOVERED FOOTBALL PROJECT 2021” and see who the next “FIFA Best Player” is going to be.

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