Lynks Klodin is a fashion-based brand whose creative director is Bernard Nii Afadi Acquah, a young vibrant designer, also a health worker whose aim is to take African fashion to the rest of the world. The brand is a fast growing one located in Ghana.
Lynks Klodin visualizes, creates ideas and produces designs by hand. Lynks Klodin keeps tab with emerging fashion trends relating to fabrics, colours and shapes. The Brand produces products to ensure a balance between different economic values. Lynks Klodin’s strategy is to give a major edge in increasingly competitive markets.
Scrubs are the sanitary clothing worn by surgeons, nurses, physicians and other workers involved in patient care in hospitals. They are now worn by many hospital personnel. Their use has been extended outside hospitals as well, to work environments where clothing may come into contact with infectious agents e.g. Veterinary and disease control officers etc.

Akoma scrubs, I call my designs of modern and trendy scrubs come in a wide variety of colors and patterns. They are made of cotton. solid colors with a touch of Kente which is associated with earth’s generosity, royalty, wealth, high status, spiritual purity etc.

Akoma is a symbol found in a lot of Kente designs which originates from the Asante kingdom in Ghana. Its literal meaning is “the heart” and represents love, unity, endurance, patience, tolerance, goodwill, and faithfulness. Akoma also symbolizes tolerance in the face of frustration and stresses the need for patience.

Akoma scrubs is Beautiful in Its Simplicity, Artistically Inspired, will Enhance Your Beauty and Make You Feel Good Inside out.

This Trendy Clothing line was fully financed by Madam Joycelyn Baidoo Kemokai who has great love for African Kente, her brand MzJoyceefashion is the sole retailer in USA and Europe. Content was directed by Margaret Baidoo.

Order the Trendy Akoma Scrubs from Lynksklodin by calling or send a WhatsApp to 0244573669 or email:

Interact on social media; Facebook: lynksklodin, Twitter: @lynksklodin and Instagram: @bra_lynks

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