It seemed almost as though she was expectant of the question and ready to tackle it; in an examination hall, it would have been a repeat of a past question, but with a different answer.

In May 2018, the Ghanaian actress and entrepreneur had responded, during an interactive session with her fans on social media, to questions about her sexual life and virginity.

To every question posed in that regard, she firmly said, ‘I am still a virgin’ or a simple ‘yes’ when asked if she was a virgin.

Then came news about her relationship with Medikal, just about the time there were rumors of a breakup between the former and musician Sister Derby.

Over a year on, same question was posed to her by Kofi TV in an interview and the actress appeared to have lost her previous confident answers.

She wouldn’t give a direct answer to the host when asked if she is a virgin and if or not she had been sexually active with her lover Medikal.

‘I’m a Christian, let me sip some wine and come back to the question, I seem to have a problem with my ear so I hear selectively”, were just a few of the comments she made in response to the question.

On the other hand, she noted that fans may be surprised one of these days because there will be no official announcement of a wedding from them but they may see a wedding ring on her fingers as and when it happens.

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