Autobiography of Loretta Efia Quaicoe, a rising star from the Central Coast of Ghana

Loretta Efia Quaicoe also known as Efia GH was born on the 9th of August 1996 in Assin Kyinaso, Ghana. She hail from a place rich in culture and tradition, which has greatly influenced her upbringing and values.

She is passionately pursuing her academic journey at the University of Education, Winneba, where she enrolled in a Bachelor’s degree program in Communication and Media Studies. Her aspirations are deeply rooted in establishing a fulfilling career within an organization where she can apply her skills, contribute to organization objectives, and continuously evolve professionally.

Her educational journey began at Closefields Junior High School, where she obtained the Basic Education Certificate Examination Certificate in 2011. Loretta furthered her studies at Swedru Senior High School, specializing in General Arts and successfully completing the West African Senior Secondary Certificate Examination (WASSCE) in 2015. This laid the foundation for her to pursuit higher education.

In January 2021, She embarked on undergraduate studies at the University of Education – Winneba, focusing on Communication and Media Studies, a field that resonates deeply with the passion for interaction and storytelling. Her academic pursuits continue to shape her understanding of the dynamics of communication and media in contemporary society.

Throughout the journey, she have actively engaged in various professional experiences that have honed her skills and broadened her perspectives. From serving as the CATSU Organizer at Swedru Secondary School, where Loretta organized educational events and field trips.

She worked as an Entertainment Panelist at Kingdom FM and Coastal FM, where she shared insights on trending topics in the entertainment industry, each role has contributed to her growth and development.

Additionally, her involvement as the Financial Secretary at God Inspired Generation and later as the Women’s Commissioner (PRO) at the University of Education Winneba allowed her to cultivate leadership skills and contribute meaningfully to the organizations she served.

Loretta’s commitment to excellence and proactive approach led her to take on roles such as the General Course Representative and the Secretary of the SRC Entertainment Committee at the University of Education Winneba, where she played pivotal roles in ensuring effective communication and coordination within the academic and administrative spheres. She has got huge experience on event management and tourism programs. Loretta is also known to be grooming people on pageantry and being a judge to many reality shows.

In terms of skills, she possess proficiency in teamwork, organization, and analytical thinking. she is driven by her passion for making meaningful contributions to the organizations she has being part of and always eager to learn and adapt to new challenges.

Outside of academics and professional endeavors, she enjoy exploring different forms of media, from literature to film, and engaging in community service initiatives that align with her values.

As she continue on her journey, she remain steadfast in her dedication to personal and professional growth, always seeking opportunities to make a positive impact and leave a lasting legacy in everything she does.

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