Priscilla Amoah is a Ghanaian movie actress /photomodel and a dancer. She is fair in complexion, 5.7 feet tall, black and gold hair color, brown eyes and a very beautiful and gorgeous lady. She was born on the 2nd April .
Her dreams and passion to become a movie star has been there right from birth. As a little girl she started joking and making people laugh and forget about their worries. Priscilla as a little girl can dance, joke and model. She went to a lots of dancing competitions in her community.

She became the entertainment prefect in her Junior High School and featured in a Caros day play as virgin Mary. It has been her dream to be a super star someday. She always sees herself as a leader. At the year 2013 she met one film production going on floating and there her dreams started coming through.

When PRISCILLA was in her final year in Senior High School, she goes to rehearsal every Sunday from Cape coast to kasoa.
Priscilla joined the movie industry in the year 2013 as an actress and she said she doesn’t regret being an actress. She said acting is her husband for now. She has worked with soo many producers and directors all around Africa.

Priscilla Amoah is one of the fast growing actress in Africa.
Movies she featured :Journey of love, npoano abrabo, gods are to blame, Ahenken bohye, Nyame bohwe me, African girl, Joseph, Husband wahala, the real woman, my last sex etc.
International job, :Joseph (production from Jamaica)

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