Ghanaian musician William Addy, better known by his stage name Natty Lee, has made references to how much better life is now for him as a solo performer than it was for him when he was a member of the Shatta Movement Militants.

The former militant member told Djqwequ on Ahomka 99.5 FM in Elmina that he is doing well financially and that, in contrast to his previous self, he has accomplished a lot and is working alone with less stress. Furthermore, it was a positive experience for him to work with Shatta Wale, and he always put in a lot of effort on his own, which aided him in leaving the group.

“When I was part of the Shatta Movement Militants group, I wasn’t getting much money, but now there are a lot of achievements to my credit and I am doing well financially. It was a great moment working with Shatta, but financially, I wasn’t making much money as of now. Right now, I can boost a lot of things.”

He ended by stating that he is running his own record label now and doing a lot of stuff on his own now.

“I now have my own record label, shoot my music videos with less pressure, travel a lot, and do side businesses as well. I am my own boss now.”


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