In the dynamic realm of Afrobeats, a brilliant new star is shining bright, captivating audiences with his infectious rhythms and uplifting melodies. Baba Wiper, born Majemu Oluwasegun Rabiu, is a talented Nigerian-born, Ghana-based musician who’s making a significant impact in the music industry.


His passion for music was ignited by his parents’ love for Reggae, Calypso, Gospel, and African music, and he began singing in church as a young boy, honing his craft and nurturing his talent.


After completing his degree in Science from the prestigious University of Ilorin, Nigeria, Baba Wiper embarked on his music journey, releasing his debut project, “Gbafun,” in 2023. This groundbreaking song showcased his unique sound and style, blending traditional African rhythms with modern Afrobeats, and drawing inspiration from the legendary Fela Kuti.

With two successful projects under his belt and another highly anticipated single on the horizon, Baba Wiper is poised to take the music world by storm.


His music is a vibrant fusion of African beats, soulful melodies, and inspiring lyrics, guaranteed to get you moving, grooving, and feeling uplifted!


Join the movement and connect with Baba Wiper on social media to stay updated on his latest releases, behind-the-scenes insights, and exclusive content.


With his talent, dedication, and passion for music, Baba Wiper is destined to break boundaries, achieve record-breaking success, and inspire a new generation of music lovers!”


Instagram: [Baba_Wiper]

Tik Tok: [@babawiper]

YouTube: [Baba Wiper]

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