Getting familiar with Timmy K MacNicol, a Ghanaian-Nigerian actress based in the UK

Timmy K MacNicol

Nollywood actress, Timmy K MacNicol, was born in Nigeria and later adopted by the Hanson family from Ghana. Just One Blood is Timmy K’s first leading role in a major international Nollywood production.

She trained as an actor in Ghana in 2007, at the Universal Talent Multimedia Training Institute, before going on to study film and TV acting at Pencils Film and Television Institute (PEFTI) in Lagos, Nigeria in 2008. She has appeared in several Nollywood hits – the award-winning 2008 comedy drama Jenifa, a film by Funke Akindele, and action-packed detective movie Who Owns Da City, as well as The Kingdom and Blast for Last. In late 2008 to 2009, she launched Fantasy, a successful showbiz magazine, edited by Uzor Ngoladi, featuring Nollywood and international celebrities.


In Just One Blood, Timmy K has her first lead role in an international Nollywood film as Ebere, the wayward child to Chief Odogwu, played by Nollywood legend Zack Orji.

“Playing Ebere was a great challenge,” says Timmy K, “it was fun dressing up as a tomboy because that is what I’m like in real life, but the character of Ebere is nothing like Timmy K, trust me! In fact, I had to do some research to understand the role I was playing. I feel privileged and proud to have worked on this film with Nollywood legends Zack Orji and Nollywood Director of the Year, Teco Benson. I feel I’m on the way to fulfilling my dreams and I’m grateful to God for giving me this wonderful opportunity.”


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