Aunty Gh (born Joana Nkrumah) and performs with the Stage name Aunty Formerly Mzjay is a Ghanaian singer / songwriter and Central Region Music Awards Best Female Vocalist of the year winner 2018/2019.

Aunty Gh was born on 4th September 1994 in Abakrampa in the Abura Asebu Kwamankese District in Central Region.

She completed Abakrampa Senior High School and began her Music career like most, in the church youth choir, but prior to this, Aunty Gh had dreamt of a future in nursing profession

Aunty Gh emergence on music scene didn’t happen until 2017, When she met Opemfo ( Maternity Ward Music). The label was well received, and recorded her four (4) singles which is Baddest, Don Doo,You go run, Adende,

Aunty Gh parted ways with Maternity Ward Music as their contract ended
She signed a 1year contract with DS Music and she released her singles titled Bokoor, Asaw

Aunty Gh following has grown by leaps and bounds, both locally and internationally. Her accolades just like her fans come from all over the world as well.
In August 2019, Aunty Gh met a team called Beatzklinik Records and started working with them.

Aunty Gh released her first single under the team titled “Best In Me” which was acclaimed by fans and critics alike. Every single song on her debut has potential to be a favourite.

She’s undoubtedly proven herself to be the next Female Artiste from Central to break into the mainstream due to her vocal prowess and energetic creative stage craft.

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