ANANSE FILM LAB Founded by Br David Kpobi who has immense passion for film and mentorship .having started as a mentorship program for female directors in Ghana, Br. David managed to organize a female directors workshop with a need to mentor aspiring female enthusiasts into directing and managed to train ten young female directors who were taken through intensive workshop training with an immense team of facilitators drawn from different parts of the world.

Like the name suggests Ananse (spiders web) the project drew facilitators from Ghana(Director Mclord Ice , Michael Armoo,Afrikaba Ronnie,Romeo Amoateng of Romeo Films) ,Indiegu Joyce(founder -two point five media ltd -Kenya ),Florence Mkinga (founder Tanzania Film Lab-Tanzania ),and together with Paquita Hughes who is a Hollywood producer ,location scout, writer and director, enjoined with a team from the united states of America (USA) ,Royce Adkins son of legendary actor Sinbad, Mary Ashley Burton who is a director from LA,Gail Bean a well-known Hollywood actress and finally Chloe Mondesir. A Director and a writer

Ananse Film Lab which runs on goodwill of individuals with passion towards mentorship has birthed Ananse cinema International film festival which is in its first year and will be online as plans are underway to pull in sponsors and partners from all walks with its premiere event to be in Ghana come November 2020 .

Some of the facilitators including Paquita Amyra Hughes Hollywood producer Gail Bean and Chloe Mondesir, are due to arrive in the country early next month on a mission to shoot a movie, that will be a collaborative project aimed at making Ghana a focus of attention in the global film industry and pave way to many more collaborative productions in the near future.

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