Director/Producer Mary Ashley Burton, Chloe V Mondesir, And Paquita Amyra Hughes, Gail Bean shared their experiences with their Ghanaian mentees.

The Film Lab focused on exploring non-fiction forms and developing technical production skills. Through lectures, discussions, one-on-one critique sessions and hands-on workshops, the course introduced participants to both theoretical approaches and real-world applications in filmmaking making.
Each applicant to the workshop is expected to complete a short film to be presented at Ananse cinema film festival Female category. All participants are accepted into the workshop based upon the merit and feasibility of their idea and treatment.
This component aims to empower the young Female directors to empower their generation through film education, to develop a film culture for young people, and to use film as a tool in the development process in Ghana.

its all about Ananse Film Lab powered by ANCIFF

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