The Managing Director of Nigerian Film Corporation, Dr. Chidia Maduekwe, in his welcome address, at the opening ceremony of the 10th Zum Film Festival in Abuja, proposed to the Ghanaian delegation for partnership with the Ghana Film industry to establish and hold a Bi-Annual Ghana-Nigeria Anglophone Film Festival. Dr. Chidia Maduekwe said he is motivated to make this proposal because there is now no difference between a Ghanaian film and a Nigerian film, and the two countries, he believes, can support each other in developing the Film industry in both countries.

The National President of the Film Directors Guild of Ghana, Mr. Richard Yaw Boateng, in his goodwill address at the opening ceremony of the Zum Film Festival, accepted proposal and stated that Ghana would be very happy to join forces with the Nigerian Film industry for sustainable growth of both countries’ film industries. Mr. Boateng went ahead to also proposal the formation of “United African Nations (UAN) through the integration of all film industries in Africa.

“Today Nigeria is the second largest producer of films in the world. Africa is proud of you; Ghana is proud of you. I believe this is the time and era for all filmmakers in Africa to come together, spearheaded by Nigeria, a.k.a Nollywood.”

When interviewed, Mr. Boateng advised the Nigerian Film industry not to let this victory become a Nigerian thing; because it is not. This victory is for the whole of Africa. Just as the first President of Ghana rightly said, ‘The independence of Ghana is not complete until it is connectedto the total liberation of Africa,’ I want you to know that Nigeria Filmindustry cannot maintain her position as the second largest producers of films in the world until it is connection and integrated with all the other film industries in Africa to create one big AFRICAN FILM INDUSTRY to rewrite the narratives of Africa.

The opening ceremony of the Zum Film Festival was attended by all top rank officers of the Nigerian film industry.

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