Dear Franklin Cudjoe,

Franklin Cudjoe (left) Deefio (right)

I hope you are well after the shameful thrown-out of your brief in court today. Such Amicus brief that was borne out of gross mischief and pure ignorance. I would have been surprised if that brief was admitted by their Lordships, after you clearly displayed you have not had the opportunity to peruse all the relevant writs/ details by the parties involved in the case.

It is simply funny, inconceivable and embarrassing to the high office you occupy, to go to the apex court of the land claiming you want to help their Lordships dispense justice without even knowing what respectively have been presented by all parties involved in the very case. Are you serious? So what was the Amicus brief substantially based on? Conjectures?

And after being called out by the Justices as a non-neutral hypocrite, you come out shouting you are disappointed? How else were you to be characterized or treated? You thought the Supreme Court of the land was like the TV stations and social media platforms where you are always seen as expert in all fields, and hailed the President and CEO of IMANI, even if you don’t make sense? Well, sorry for you, but the law court, and more especially the Supreme Court of the land that we have all grown to know about, is such a serious forum where high standard processes and arguments are permissible.

If you think you had e the country at heart and had superior argument, why didn’t you sue separately or apply for rejoinder to make your case in the admiration and interest of Ghana?

We all like civil society but when such civil society organisations seek to foist their biased and ulterior motivated views on a court, same should be jettisoned (apologies to the Deputy Attorney General).

Hope to see you make your argument on TV soon.

Derrick Fio
Gyegyewase North,
Agona Asafo Republic.

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