To Emmanuel and party scoundrels of his kind:

I trust this piece finds you in your most sober times (which is most unlikely though).

I don’t usually do this, but I have realised that it is about time we made things clear to the immature partisan characters like your kind, who think that partisan politics is all about indecent partisan social commentary, lies, propaganda and name-calling, and indulging in the creation of conflicts and unwarranted, wasteful social media picnics. Indeed, I am aware, some of you earn your daily bread from just being unreasonable and controversial on social media. In fact, I am told that, in some parties, they don’t look at competence and qualification, rather, the more you verbally assault people, court controversies and spew trash and propaganda, the more you increase your chances of earning for yourself recognition and a juicy portfolio in the party. Hmm… if that is so in your party, I wish you well.

It is critical to all of us, partisan and non-partisan, to note that Agona East is a very young constituency; it lacks many infrastructural, social/human and economic development. Sadly, however, the orphan mother seems to be breeding, among her children, some weak-minded political party buffoons who are ready to bootlick till they end up selling the dignity and progress of the constituency to the highest bidder.

A constituency, where minor issues become major issues that attract time, resources and energy from party scoundrels who have sold their conscience to enemies of the constituency for their selfish gains.

Look, I am for a party, yes, and I have been voting for a party, yes, and I will do same during the next election, for if nothing at all, it is a civil responsibility. I have a role to play in choosing political leadership for my community, constituency and country. But I don’t depend on partisan tomfoolery for survival.

By the infinite grace of God, loving parents and a challenging community, and dint of hard work, I have progressed through life, both academia and profession under the two political parties that have ruled this country in the fourth republic; and I have always competed on merit and nothing else. I cannot throw my conscience to the dogs because of a political party; I cannot exchange the development of my beloved Agona Asafo community and that of Agona East Constituency for the whims and caprices of any political party, I repeat, any political party.

I am not a political gluttonous-selfish fool who will sacrifice his dignified destiny and that of his people for cheap parochial interest from desperate paymasters.

Fellow natives of Agona East Constituency, it is about time, we stood for the progress and empowerment of our people. And not the anti-development, wasteful and directionless type of politics. Let us support leaders who will not batter our future for self aggrandizement. Leaders with humility who are ready to accept criticism; not power drunk imbeciles who think the constituency is for them; not leaders with empty-brain, second-hand party apparatchiks who think no one should have a say in the constituency.

Solemnly, pray for a wind of change to blow through Agona East Constituency, a change that will ensure that the youth of the constituency are well educated and empowered to make informed choices; a change that will inspire the youth and the adults to speak truth to power without fear or favour; and follow political parties with their conscience and not their stomachs and selfish interest. A change that will compel the politician to put the people first.

I will vote for or against any party any day depending on who cares about the development of the people in my constituency, and most importantly, my beloved Agona Asafo Community. And I shall critique that leadership without fear.

No party stooge or buffoon can stand in my way.

Agona East, rise up! Don’t allow just a few greedy, vision-less, self-serving, immature foot soldiers and party sharp tenths to take your dignity and progress for granted. You have many great sons and daughters, yet, the stomach-led party vigilantes think they can hold the constituency to ransom.

Dear aimless foot soldier, please, be advised, don’t talk just for talking sake, don’t argue for argument sake, or just because you are the communications officer or member, please speak sense, speak to edify, speak to offer alternatives towards development. Don’t be an empty barrel making noise all over the constituency. Move from hand-to-mouth politics to self-empowerment and economic independent driven ones.

Agona East deserves some respect.

Richardson Commey Fio
Gyegyewase – Agona Asafo.

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