William Amponsah’s tactics by Coach Grant Chapman that made him break his Personal Best Record at the Commonwealth Games.

William Amponsah / Coach Chapman

My strategy for you is that you focus on a sub 14:00 min PB.

There are runners in your event who have sub 13:00 min PB’s, so chasing them is not part of the plan. But there are a number of runners in your event who you are faster than, so here is the plan.

STAY IN THE MIDDLE OF THE PACK. Use the other runners to get the time you want. Do not be the man who runs off too fast and blows up (you will only be giving the other runners someone to chase).

Do not be tempted to lead the pack at any point. If the pack splits mid to late race then you may go with the lead pack (stay in the middle) but do not go with any breaks by the top three. If you chase the top three you will fatigue yourself and may ruin your race plan.

I understand you will want to go for a medal for your country, I really do understand this. But if this is going to happen it will happen by following the plan.

So, if you are feeling strong with two or less laps to go you can start pushing the pace and try to split the remaining pack. But do it gradually, do not suddenly kick on, you must save this for the final lap (if you are feeling like you have nothing less, use the runners around you to get you to the finish with whatever you have left inside).

Do not worry about the front runners, if you are going to catch them it will be because they have overstretched themselves and you may catch them on the final lap because you have executed the plan to perfection.

If you do not feel that you have a strong finishing kick then you must give everything and use the final lap to put the pressure on by progressively increasing the pace.

If you do decide to kick on then you must be sure you can finish the race in this way, all the way to the line.

You must manage the race like the professional that you are, and then we will see what happens.

Please read this several times to make sure it is firmly in your mind. If you have any questions, I will be available for you all day.

I send you all my blessings. For Ghana and for God, William.

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