Ricky Cheever Yeboah Jnr questions the mentality of Africa leaderships.

Ricky Cheever Yeboah Jnr.

What about their numerous foreign aid to us ?? What do they get in return ? Do we reject their offer ? How well do we negotiate businesses with them in the interest of our motherland? Well without making conclusion on which capacity did we base on it to claim black man is capable of managing his/her affairs… Did we think outside the box ?

Did we chartered a smooth path to be self reliance before independence? Our story is like someone who enrolled in apprenticeship with a pride of a master within a short period of a time . Why do we want to live up to world expectation of class when we lack the idea of creativity and innovation . Why don’t we minimize our taste of good things to be on the low for a while so we can build ourselves by analyzing our problems and create solution ,with that we will believe in what we can offer ourselves then introduce our brand to the world or are we scared to be called poor for a while to achieve a tremendous success in the future, maybe we believe our reward is in heaven which %90 of black people don’t believe but due to chronic hypocrisy we refuse to train our generation base on principles to admit we are responsible to make the world a better place us to live .I am wondering how can a chronic receiver of aid be in critical state to think outside the box ? In our daily lives we are inspired by giving which pride us to work hard for sustainable self development and financial freedom to earn respect. We are not ignorant about the above mentioned factors but excessive political blackmail weakening the strength of every president elect which makes our Independence meaningless . Sorry my I am in public so I need to end here else someone will sntach my Samsung galaxy fold which is extravagant.

By: Ricky Cheever Yeboah Jnr.

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