The church is ‘killing’ the gospel music game – Empress Gifty

Aseda singer, Empress Gifty Adorye has advised her colleague gospel musicians to take their music beyond the church, because the church will kill their dreams.

‘’When pastors invite you to their church programmes, they want to enjoy your talent for free and if that is all you do, how do you make ends meet’’ she stated.

She recounted an incident in an interview with Dr. Cann on ‘Showbiz Xtra’ on Happy FM where a pastor after her performance promised to send her mobile money but never did.

‘’I went to perform in a church sometime back and the pastor asked me to pay the instrumentalists that played Two hundred Cedis (GHS 200.00) and he will reimburse me through mobile money, but he never did. The most painful part is I led the fund raising that day and I know we raised a lot of money’’ she narrated.

She also bemoaned instrumentalists are treated by the church.

‘’Playing instruments is someone’s only job and when they play, they should be paid. But the pastors see that as their contribution to the kingdom work and are given nothing that is very bad’’ she said.

Empress Gifty Adorye in what seemed like a ‘tell it all’’ session also mentioned how disc jockeys (DJs) are under appreciated in the country.

‘’DJs do all the work but yet they are not given their due. The best they get is a mention by a presenter and that is all. There are radio presenters who do not know jack about playing music but they get all the appreciation. It should change’’ she noted.

According to Empress Gifty Adorye, a hamper she gifted a DJ was all the appreciation the DJ got this whole year.

She is currently promoting her latest single ‘Jesus Over Do’.

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