Real MC Join Forces With Melodyz On New Music Titled “DRINKS AND STICKS”

Ghanaian UK-based sensation, Real MC, known for infectious beats and dynamic performances, is set to make a splash with a new collaboration. Teaming up with talented USA-based Ghanaian artist, Melodyz, they present their highly anticipated track, “DRINKS AND STICKS,” produced by the renowned FlexyBeatz.

Real MC‘s catchy hooks and versatile flow blend seamlessly in “DRINKS AND STICKS,” promising a captivating mix of Afrobeat, and hip-hop resulting an Amapiano rhythms. FlexyBeatz‘s expert touch ensures an exhilarating musical experience that will have listeners hitting the dancefloor worldwide.

The announcement of this collaboration has created a buzz among fans and music enthusiasts alike. With their respective fan bases eagerly awaiting the release, expectations are running high. Scheduled for launch on 29th July, 2023, “DRINKS AND STICKS” is anticipated to dominate airwaves and streaming platforms globally.

This musical partnership marks an exciting milestone for Real MC and Melodyz, showcasing their talents in a memorable and infectious hit. A vibrant Amapiano touch awaits listeners. Stay tuned for the launch of “Drinks And Sticks” as these artists set the stage for a remarkable year in music.

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