Edoh YAT’s status as unarguably one of the best upcoming music acts in Ghana means fans and entertainment enthusiast would like to know everything that makes him a unique act that can possibly take Ghana music to another level.

However, being well known for his songs SUICIDE and WIND there some key aspects of Edoh YAT’s personality we think you have no idea about. This write up will help you add to your knowledge about him.

1. You’ll Never Know He’s Down To Earth Until There’s An Interaction
Being a highly self motivated person, Edoh YAT is a very strong person and mostly reserved about his life. He is always a happy person despite going through a lot of pain. That was probably the inspiration behind his THROUGH THE PAIN album.

2. He always seek other’s opinion before making decisions

A good listener. Yesssss! Edoh YAT is a good listener. Though being a very reserved person he listens to the opinion of others before making some decisions in life.

3. He is single

Alert ladies😂😂 Edoh YAT is single despite hinting on wanting to settle with Yaa Jackson. Are you a single lady and wants to settle with someone like him? Then open up you guys might end up being in the best relationship ever❤. Just joking by the way

4. He’s very sympathetic and loves everyone even when you hurt him

He is sympathetic, Edoh YAT is a very caring and adorable person to be with.

5. He is a Voltarian

Coming from a region that has produced well known names in the Ghanaian music industry, Edoh YAT, however, has a lot of people to keep inspiring as he also look up to acts like Edem, EL, MzVee et al.

6. He was born After Twins (males)

Edoh YAT was born after twins thus his name EDOH, a name given to males born after twins by Voltarians.

7. He was born and bred in Dansoman

Being born and bred in (Dansoman)DC, Edoh YAT is a DC boy with lots of DC vibes in him.

8. He is musically versatile

Edoh YAT is versatile music act who can do any genre of music. Edoh YAT however tags himself as a #TRAPPER, #RAPPER and #DAPPER. Edoh YAT has songs in genres like hip hop, dancehall, afro pop etc.

9. He is under no record label

If you’re wondering which music label Edoh YAT is signed to, he is not signed unto any record label yet. He has been doing everything as a solo artist.

10. He doesn’t smoke nor take in alcohol

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