Canadian artiste Luna Lonzo has collaborated with two Ghanaian artistes on ‘Canada to Ghana,’ released on Friday, July 28.

‘Canada to Ghana’ is produced by Urhyness and features two Ghanaian artistes, Snipar and Sonny Boi. Both audio and video are available on music streaming platforms, and the official video is on Youtube.

Luna Lonzo is a known risk taker whose unrelenting drive has taken him across the globe to places as far as Ghana, West Africa.

In the brief period he has been on the continent, he has successfully established connections and collaborated with some of the best video directors. This has influenced his unique aesthetic while simultaneously garnering him an entirely new audience.

Luna’s expanding catalogue has critics wondering what vibe he will encapsulate on his next release.

Luna’s lyrical prowess and fluid delivery make him a standout amongst his peers.

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