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  1. As part of this year’s farmers day celebration, Ghanaian musician, Charles Nii Armah Mensah, popularly known as Shatta Wale, has presented items worth GHC150,000 to the District Chief Executive of the Amansie West District Assembly, Hon. Nii Larteh Ollenu as prize package for all winning farmers in the district.

Handing over the items, Shatta Wale was full of praises for farmers across the world. “Farming is important because it provides food and jobs for the population. As a country, I think it is time we embrace industrial farming which provides a large amount of food at a relatively low cost and hugely contributes to the industrial development of the country. More jobs will be created for the youth and more people which will help solve the unemployment situation in the county”, he stated.

The event which was held at the Big Park Hotel located at Mpatuam was attended by Nana Asamoah Tia II, Chief of Mpatuam, Hon. Joseph Albert Quarm, Member of Parliament for the Manso Nkwanta Constituency and Mr. Dominic Oppong, Chief Executive Officer of Big Park Hotel.

Gospel Musician Ohemaa Jacky Jabs Obinim and Obofuor


Popular Ghanaian gospel artiste Ohemaa Jacky who is based in the UK and known with the hit track Hakuna Mataata has made some damning statements in an interview with Nag Tv.

According to the her, she strongly believe the lyrical war that ensured between Obinim and Obofour recently was needless and that they should apologise to the congregation and people associated with them.

Ohemaa Jacky stated emphatically that most of such actions are planned in order to be make them relevant but on the real there is nothing to take to. heart.

She went on to disclose that she has personally paid people to speak evil about her in order to gain public action and knows very well that these are all acts of those nature.

Watch full video below


Source: Dawuroo.com

Ministry of tourism opens tourist Information Office at Jamestown.


The Ghana Tourism Authority under the auspices of the Ministry of Tourism, Arts And Culture and in partnership with the Accra Metropolitan Assembly have opened the Jamestown Tourist Information Office at Jamestown.

The facility is to serve as the nerve centre for the growing number of tourists trouping to Jamestown for historical heritage tourism. The area has numerous attractions including the famous light house.


Africa’s first futuristic Green City worth $5 billion set to finally break ground in Rwanda


The Gree City will be located on 620 hectares in Kinyinya, Gasabo District, Kigali City.
The city will have environmentally-clean mini-factories, all-electric vehicles, environmentally sustainable affordable housing, and integrated craft production centres.
An estimated 30,000 housing units will be developed to benefit around 150,000 people.
Green City. (constructionreviewonline)
Green City. (constructionreviewonline)
On Saturday, Rwanda will break ground of Africa’s first futuristic city.

The city named Green City will be located on 620 hectares in Kinyinya, Gasabo District, Kigali City. The Green City Kigali project is expected to cost between $4-5 billion.

According to those behind the project, the futuristic city “… will integrate green building and design, efficient and renewable energy, recycling and inclusive living, homegrown solutions and local construction materials”.

Green City will be located on 620 hectares in Kinyinya, Gasabo District, Kigali City.
Green City will be located on 620 hectares in Kinyinya, Gasabo District, Kigali City.
The city will have environmentally-clean mini-factories, all-electric vehicles, environmentally sustainable affordable housing, and integrated craft production centres.

An estimated 30,000 housing units will be developed to benefit around 150,000 people. And the beauty of it all is that no one will be moved to give way to the development.

The stakeholders of the project will hold consultations on all aspects of the idea that will not only contribute to conserving our environment; it is also expected to create at least 16,000 jobs.

Kigali at night. (@disafrica)
Kigali at night. (@disafrica)
Eudes Kayumba, Deputy Team Leader of the Green City Pilot, disclosed that the city aims at having clean technologies, electric vehicles, electric bicycle and motorcycle lanes, renewable energy, sustainable waste treatment, biogas plants, and urban forests, among others, complete with a system that prevents environmental degradation and air pollution.

Kayumba says that the funding for the project will come from different stakeholders. The Rwanda Green Fund, with the financial support of the German Development Cooperation through the KfW Development Bank, is undertaking a feasibility study for the project.

Rwanda is already living as a green city and the Green City project will only make it greener.

In 2019, the City of Kigali which in 2016 introduced car-free days was crowned Public Health Laureate for 2019 Wellbeing City Award by NewCities, a global non-profit committed to shaping a better urban future, along with Novartis Foundation, Novartis US Foundation, and the City of Montréal.

All non-biodegradable plastics are banned in Rwanda and the country has a monthly day of community cleaning service

The history of Okomfo Annokye, the greatest fetish priest from Ghana.


Okomfo Anokye Facts

Okomfo Anokye (active late 17th century) was an Ashanti fetish priest, statesman, and lawgiver. A cofounder of the Ashanti Kingdom in West Africa, he helped establish its constitution, laws, and customs.

The original name of Okomfo Anokye was Kwame Frimpon Anokye (Okomfo means “priest”). Some traditions say that he came from Akwapim in the Akwamu Kingdom southeast of Ashanti, but his descendants claim he was born of an Ashanti mother and Adansi father and was related to the military leader Osei Tutu (the other cofounder of the Ashanti Kingdom) through a maternal uncle. When Osei Tutu succeeded about 1690 to the leadership of the small group of Akan forest states around the city of Kumasi which were already grouped in loose military alliance, Anokye was his adviser and chief priest. Tutu and Anokye, who must be considered together, carried out the expansionist policy of their predecessors, defeating two powerful enemies, the Akan Doma to the northwest and the Denkyera empire to the south. To throw off the Denkyera yoke required a powerful unity that transcended the particularism of the Ashanti segments, and Anokye employed not only the political influence of his priesthood but also added the spiritual ties that transformed the loose Ashanti alliance into a “national” union in 1695.

Anokye and Tutu established rituals and customs of the Ashanti state to diminish the influence of local traditions. They designated Kumasi the Ashanti capital. They established a state council of the chiefs of the preexisting states admitted to the union and suppressed all competing traditions of origin. Finally, they reorganized the Ashanti army.

The war with Denkyera from 1699 to 1701 went badly at first, but when the Denkyera army reached the gates of Kumasi, Anokye’s “incantations” supposedly produced defections among their generals. The Ashanti broke the Denkyera hegemony and captured the Dutch deed of rent for Elmina Castle. This gave the Ashanti access to the African coast and involved them henceforth in the commerce and politics of the coastal slave trade. After Tutu’s death in 1717, Anokye is said to have returned to Akwapim and died there.

The greatness of Anokye the lawgiver and of Tutu the warrior is measured by the permanency of the nation they created, its symbolism and ritual alive today in the greater state of Ghana. A historical judgment on Anokye is that he enabled the Ashanti “to succeed where Hellas had failed,” that is, to retain their national unity after their war of liberation.

Further Reading on Okomfo Anokye

The best general work that includes information on Anokye is W.E.F. Ward, A History of Ghana (1948; 4th ed. 1967), which treats the rise of the Ashanti in the context of Gold Coast history and gives a historical interpretation of the Okomfo Anokye-Osei Tutu tradition. The Anokye tradition is recorded in R.S. Rattray, Ashanti Law and Constitution (1929). Also useful for an understanding of Anokye and the Ashanti is A. Adu Boahen’s account, “Asante and Fante, A.D. 1000-1800,” in J.F. Ade Ajayi and Ian Espie, eds., A Thousand Years of West African History (1965; rev. ed. 1969).

Basil Davidson, Black Mother: The Years of the African Slave Trade (1961) and The Growth of African Civilization: A History of West Africa, 1000-1800 (1965; rev. ed. 1967), treat Anokye enthusiastically and vividly. John E. Flint, Nigeria and Ghana (1966), is more scholarly and tries to distinguish between the contributions of Tutu and Anokye. Anthropologist Ivor Wilks appears to doubt the authenticity of the Anokye tradition, or at least to question his contemporaneousness with Tutu; in his “Ashanti Government” in Daryll Forde and P.M. Kaberry, eds., West African Kingdoms in the Nineteenth Century (1967), he accounts for the rise of the Ashanti Union without reference to Anokye.

The biography of Efya



(born Jane Fara Fauzzier Afia Boafowaa Yahaya Awindor) who performs under the mononym “Efya” formerly Miss Jane is a Ghanaian singer-songwriter and five-time Ghana Music Awards Best Female Vocalist, (she won the award twice in 2013 when the Maiden edition of the Europe Ghana Music Awards took place). Efya was born on the 10th of April 1987, in Kumasi, Ghana.

She began her singing career like most, in the church choir, but prior to this, Efya had dreams of a future in filmmaking. Wanting to follow in the footsteps of her mother, Nana Hemaa Adjoa Awindor, a filmmaker who became a celebrity in her own right, as the host of a popular late 90s Ghanaian TV Show, “Greetings From Abroad”.

Efya’s emergence on the music scene didn’t happen until 2006, when she auditioned & gained national recognition as a runner-up in Charterhouse’ Stars of The Future talent hunt, landing her and the winner Irene Logan, a three-year recording deal, with the event company as a duet (Irene & Jane). The group was well received, and recorded an album together: Unveiled, which was released in South Africa. After their contract concluded, Efya, who had until then been performing under the moniker “Miss Jane” decided it was time to reinvent herself as a solo act. So once her contract with Charterhouse concluded and she found herself a free agent once more. She began to juggle playing shows, and recording songs, while reading Theatre Arts Directing & Music at the University of Ghana, Legon.

During this period Efya, almost singlehandedly, amassed a small following before signing with One Nation Entertainment in 2011, which took her efforts to new heights. Efya has played countless gigs all over West Africa and beyond, averaging 5 appearances a month. Performing and collaborating with artists from all over the world, Efya’s following has grown by leaps and bounds, both locally and internationally. Her accolades just like her fans come from all over the world as well.

In November of 2013 she released her first body solo body of work, a mixtape dubbed “This Is Not The Album” which was acclaimed by fans and critics alike. Efya is presently putting the finishing touches on her highly anticipated debut studio album, slated to be released sometime in 2014. A lifetime in the making, the album, titled “The Love Genesis”: is a cleverly crafted body of work with breathtaking diversity, which delves into the topic of love in a simple, yet, never-before-heard, way. The album’s sound spans a myriad of melodies, from emotionally taut power ballads, to laid back odes to heartbreak. Every single song on her debut has potential to be a favorite.

With an all-star cast of collaborations and production from the likes of legendary multiplatinum producer, John Bido, the sky is hardly a limit for Efya

John Dumelo Calls For Legalization Of Polygamy In Ghana


Actor and politician John Dumelo says there’ nothing wrong with polygamy hence should be legalized.

The NDC parliamentary candidate for Ayawaso constituency speaking in an interview on Citi FM’s Traffic Avenue, said that even though he would not practice the act, he thinks men who want to have more wives are at liberty to do that.

“Personally, I don’t believe in it [polygamy] but I feel that there is nothing wrong with it. If the Muslims are doing it perfectly, why not Christians? Provided you can take care of your two or three wives, that’s fine. I speak to a lot of Muslims and both the men and women are okay with it,” he said.

He also added that “…I feel it [polygamy] is good for Ghana.” he told the host of the show Jessica Saforo.

John Dumelo added that women who want to have more than one husband should also be allowed to do so because it will be discriminatory to do it for only the men.

“You can’t just do it for men. Do it for women as well…” he stated.


Africa needs its own Billboard so it doesn’t depend on ‘The West’ to validate African music – Edem


Ghanaian Rapper, Edem, has dropped a very valid point that needs the attention of all music industry players and fans across Africa.
With the heightened interest and crazy rush for African music, popularly known as “Afrobeats”, the VRMG Boss advises Africa music crooners to create their own scheme to validate themselves.
Below was a tweet in which he highlighted his opinion:
“ The way Africa Music Dey go..I pray we have our own billboards and Awards schemes and templates ,so that future generations would not look for validation from the west.” — Edem

The Movie Industry Can’t Die – Mmebusem Reveals


Kumawood actor Mmebusem a.k.a Ghana Jesus has revealed that the movie industry is not dead but it has gone due to bad behavior of some people.

Speaking with Amansan Krakye on Radio Central’s drive and monitored by wysepromotions.com, Mmebusem advised the industry players to change their mindset and pray.

“How can the movie industry die? So far as people are giving birth to new talents it can’t die. You can say it has gone down so it needs clean mind, unity to raise it. The movie industry can’t die but I can say it has gone done because of some bad behavior of some us. Arrogance, selfishness and those stuffs but since people are having the talents, if we change our mindset and pray the movie industry won’t die till the world comes to an end”, he disclosed.

Source: wysepromotions.com

Ghana Jesus Arrogance Will Ruin Him; According To Popular Kumawood Director


Popular Kumawood movie dirctor, Jones Agyemang; know widely for his movies like “Obinim Ebenezer” and “Agya Awiaye”, in an interview with Nag Tv has sounded a word of caution to Mmebusem now Ghana Jesus.

According to the popular kumawood director, who is known to have contributed enormously in producing and nurturing most of our Ghanaian stars with the likes of Kwaku Manu, Akrobeto, Dediibe, Nene and a whole list of celebs has recounted how Mmebusem (Ghana Jesus) left him camp to shoot his own series whiles his popular “Prof” series was ongoing with he Mmebusem being the main character.

It was to no surprise when the brouhaha between Salinko and Mmebusem surfaced because he had already had his share of the cake.

Jones Agyemang, know among his peers as Ogoro, disclosed that he wish not the downfall of the now Ghana Jesus but is sounding a word of caution to desist from his arrogant lifestyle because this very act will ruin him; for there has been strongmen who couldn’t stay with success.

Kindly watch video below


Source: Dawuroo.com