The Origins Of Gomoa

Borbor Fante left Bonomanso and journeyed to Kwaman, they moved south and founded Kwamankese (big Kwaman). They further moved south and arrived at Adoagyri (Omankesim). The dispersion of Borbor Fante were in stages. Those who arrived later were the Ajumako, Enyan, some parts of Bremen and Agona (who migrated from present day Ashanti region).

Gomoa-Eastern Fante (Boka-Mfantse): The origins of the people of Gomoa (Gomoafo) can be traced back to the Borbor Fante (Borbor Mfantse) immigrants who arrived in Mankessim from the Bono Kingdom in c. 1252, led by Gomowa and Egya Ahor, the respected matriarch of the Nsona Clan (Ebusua) and their common ancestor.

The Gomoafo (people of Gomoa) practiced the Akan-Clan (Akan-Ebusua) system with matrilineal lineages which are the basis of inheritance and succession. The ‘Ebusua’ family line is governed by their 7 ancestral ‘Abosom’ or Gods. They derive unity from the shared matrilineal ancestry, passing through the ‘Mogya bloodline’, and their 12 patrilineal ‘Ntoro’ spiritual components like ‘Sunsum and Kra’ which guides their adult interactions in the world (wiase).

Gomoa have the largest landmass in Fante and their boundaries stretched all the way to Jamestown as illustrated by the colonial government in the Gold Coast days. Gomoa have two paramountcies.

Some major Gomoa towns are Nyanyano, Fetteh, Kakraba, Apam, Ojobi,Benso etc

How many Gomoa towns do you know?

The Gomoa People-Boka Fante of Akan Ancestry


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