Komeh was a great and fearful hunter. Straight from Techiman through Mankessim he and his people arrived at Eguafo and proceeded to Kanka(Dutch Komenda.)

Dutch Komenda was a very small town as at today with some settlers, when Komeh arrived, he asked the elders of the land for a place to settle. There was no place for Komeh and his people to settle so they told him there is a beast in the deep forest that devour their people any day so if Komeh can kill the beast and settle there, that portion of land will be his forever having in their mind that the beast will kill Komeh.

The great and fearful Komeh went into agreement with the elders of Kanka (Dutch Komenda). He went into the deep forest and killed the beast and showed the body of the beast to the elders and they gave the entire land to Komeh .

To this day the people of Dutch Komenda don’t understand why their forefathers did such a mistake by giving the land(Komenda) to Komeh and his people. Komeh and his people kept fighting beast for survival until he settled finally. He drew the beast on an animal skin as evidence of the agreement between him and the elders of Dutch Komenda.

The news about great and fearful Komeh’s adventure spread quickly in the surrounding villages and towns just like the Israelites, every town and village were afraid of Komeh and his people and whenever someone is sent on errand to Komeh Krom He will be told “Kɔ mennda” which simply means “if you go don’t sleep” because of great and fearful Komeh so this became the slogan “kɔ men’da” therefore the name Komenda which simply means “if you go to Komeh Krom don’t sleep”


Picture credit : @Empires TV

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