Central Regional Minister Hon. Marigold Assan Meets Queen Mothers On Combating Adolescent Pregnancies.

Commemorating Valentine’s Day today in the Central Region, I had an engagement with Queen Mothers in the region, on the theme: “Combating Adolescent Pregnancy: The Role of Queen Mothers in Central Region.”

Adolescent or teenage pregnancy has been on a rise in the entire country with central region being the third highest.

It has therefore become imperative to explore all avenues geared towards reducing the rate of adolescent pregnancy.

The role of our Queen Mothers can never be underestimated in the fight against this menace.

As part of the Valentine’s Day celebration, we equipped ourselves with the statistics, causes and preventive measures for adolescent pregnancy.

It is worthy to note that Queen Mothers in Central Region have risen to the call to protect and safeguard the future of the girl-child by developing strategies to combat adolescent pregnancy in their respective traditional areas.

My vision as the Regional Minister, is to help combat adolescent pregnancy in the region by bringing on board all relevant stakeholders in this fight.

How did you celebrate your Valentine’s Day😊?

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