On Mother’s Day, Mama Mavis Amoako Attah Preaches; Women Are Destiny Helpers.

Rev. Mrs Mavis  Amoako Attah


Apostle Francis Amoako Attah and Rev Mrs Mavis Amoako Attah

Mama Mavis Amoako Attah, the esteemed wife of Apostle Francis Amoako Attah, stands as a paragon of grace and wisdom within the esteemed Parliament Chapel International community. Recently, her resonant message during a special preaching session on Mother’s Day left an indelible mark, highlighting the pivotal role of women as destiny helpers and nurturers of society.

In her stirring address, Mama Mavis began by expressing heartfelt appreciation for the women in her life, extending this gratitude to all the women within the congregation. With the theme, “Women are destiny helpers,” she embarked on a profound journey, urging both men and women to cherish and protect the invaluable essence of womanhood, akin to precious minerals that enrich and fortify the fabric of society.

Drawing from biblical examples, Mama Mavis illuminated the profound influence of women in shaping destinies. She eloquently referenced the wisdom and resilience of Moses’ mother, whose steadfast love and guidance paved the way for her son to become a leader and liberator. Furthermore, she invoked the story of Dorcas, also known as Tabitha, whose acts of kindness and benevolence transcended mortal bounds, echoing the timeless truth that compassion breathes life into the world.

Central to Mama Mavis’ message was the holistic concept of motherhood—a sacred duty that extends far beyond superficial trappings. Emphasizing the imperative of nurturing both physical and spiritual well-being, she underscored the role of mothers as custodians of familial prosperity and communal harmony.

With poignant clarity, Mama Mavis challenged the women in the congregation to introspectively ponder their legacy. In a thought-provoking analogy, she envisioned a scenario where Christ demands an account of their deeds, urging them to cultivate virtues that would stand as a testament to their worthiness.

Moreover, Mama Mavis tenderly reminded women of the profound influence they wield within the domestic circle . From food prowess to emotional nurturing, she extolled the virtues of creating a nurturing home environment, one where husbands are cherished and children thrive.

In a heartfelt plea to men, Mama Mavis implored them to emulate Christ’s example of love and servitude, recognizing the symbiotic relationship between husband and wife. By nurturing their wives with tender care, she affirmed, men sow the seeds of reciprocal love and harmony within the marital bond.

As her sermon drew to a close, Mama Mavis bestowed a special prayer upon all mothers, invoking blessings upon their endeavors and envisioning a future where their virtuous actions shine as a beacon of hope and pride.

At Parliament Chapel International, Mama Mavis Amoako Attah’s profound teachings will echo for generations, serving as a guiding light for all who seek wisdom, compassion, and the transformative power of love.

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