In a recent heartfelt social media post, Danny Lampo, a UK-based Ghanaian artist, opened up about a significant challenge he’s been facing within the music industry: the lack of support from his fellow artists when he achieves success. Lampo’s candid reflection sheds light on a pressing issue that many artists grapple with but often hesitate to discuss openly.
Lampo’s post reveals a pattern that has left him feeling confused and disheartened. He describes how, over the years, he has consistently cheered for and supported his peers’ achievements, offering genuine congratulations and encouragement. However, when the tables turn, and Lampo finds himself in the spotlight, the response from his fellow artists is notably different. Instead of receiving the same level of enthusiasm and support that he freely gives, Lampo is met with skepticism and questions about the legitimacy of his success.
One of the most poignant moments in Lampo’s post is when he shares a specific interaction he’s encountered multiple times. He writes, “If I see my people doing big things, first thing I say is ‘Wow that’s big man, Well-done.’ But when Lampo does it, first question is, how did you get there? As if I don’t deserve it.” This quote encapsulates the essence of Lampo’s experience, highlighting the stark contrast in reactions between celebrating the achievements of others and facing scrutiny and doubt when it’s his turn to shine.
Lampo’s story is not just about his personal struggles but also sheds light on a broader challenge within the music industry: the struggle for genuine support amidst competition. His experience underscores the importance of fostering a culture of solidarity and mutual respect within the music community. Lampo’s willingness to speak out about his experiences serves as a catalyst for much-needed dialogue and reflection within the industry, prompting artists to examine their own actions and attitudes towards supporting their peers.
In calling for a shift towards a more supportive environment, Lampo challenges his fellow artists to rise above the trappings of competition and scarcity mentality. He emphasizes the importance of celebrating each other’s successes, recognizing that true fulfillment and growth come from lifting each other up rather than tearing each other down.
Ultimately, Lampo’s story serves as a reminder that everyone deserves recognition and encouragement in their creative journey. By standing together and supporting one another, artists can create a more inclusive and uplifting music community where success is celebrated, and talent is nurtured. As Lampo eloquently puts it, “It’s sad I don’t get the same love and energy I give to my people,” his words resonate as a call to action for unity and solidarity in the pursuit of artistic excellence.
Written By: Promoter Koolic
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