Last week Saturday, 17th April, 2021, listeners and viewers of The Citizen Show, a famous Programme on Accra fm, a subsidiary of Class Media Group hosted by the ace-journalist, Kwabena Bobie Ansah popularly known as Commander Boham were thrilled to the bone when the ace journalist called for the sentencing of his co host, Gargantuan Lady Ohenewa Kesse Boahene,a beautiful damsel and a nominee in the 2020/2021 Foklex Media Awards, Greater Accra Female Newscaster category who is fast rising in the limelight in the media for her hard work and consistency on radio both in news and other segments in Accra fm to 6 or 9 months imprisonments for torturing officials in the country.
Reacting to the three months jail sentence slapped on the Actress Rosemond Brown popularly known as Akuapem Poloo, Kwabena BObie Ansah quickly chipped in that her co host beauty can let Satan confess her crimes and as such can confess an official on assignment when you gaze carefully at her Co host.
The duo added their voice, calling on the President Nana Akufo Addo to grant amnesty to Akuapem Poloo .*According to the presiding Judge, Honour Mrs. Christiana Cann, the trend of persons sharing nude photos is gaining grounds and must be nipped in the bud by the society and other Institutions including the court.
Section 136 of the Electronic Transactions Act: Child pornography

(1) A person who intentionally does any of the following acts:

(a) publishes child pornography through a computer;

(b) produces or procures child pornography for the purpose of its publication through a computer system; or

(c) possesses child pornography in a computer system or on a computer or electronic record storage medium

commits an offence and is liable on summary conviction to a fine of not more than five thousand penalty units or a term of imprisonment of not more than ten years or to both.

(2) In this section:

“child pornography” includes material that visually depicts

(a) a child engaged in sexually explicit conduct;

(b) a person who appears to be a child engaged in sexually explicit conduct;

(c) images representing a child engaged in sexually explicit conduct; and

(d) unauthorised images of nude children;

“child” means a person below eighteen years;

“publish” means

(a) distribute, transmit, disseminate, circulate, deliver, exhibit, lend for gain, exchange, barter, sell or offer for sale, let on hire or offer to let on hire, offer in any other way, or make available in any way;

(b) have in possession or custody, or under control, for the purpose of doing an act referred to in paragraph (a); and

(c) print, photograph, copy or make in any other manner whether of the same or of a different kind or nature to carry out an act referred to in paragraph (a)
Every Saturday morning, the duo are able to give their cherished listeners all the information and entertainment they want with how they go about the newspaper Review segments.
Gargantuan Lady has proved her talent almost nine months of joining CMG , winning the heart of listeners with her talent
She has always been heard on Saturday morning describing the host of the Citizen Show, Commander Boham as the reason why he loves working on Saturday morning despite her busy schedules.
They two are taking radio to a higher level with the kind of harmony between them.

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