Concerned Sandwich Students from the various study centers across the county has petitioned the Institute of Education, University of Cape Coast, through the leadership of the Students Representative Council, to reconsider the decision to callback the students to campus in August.

The concerned students, after chancing on a letter from the Institution communicating to the B.Ed/ Post Diploma students to report on the 21st August, 2020 to end the Second Semester, has petitioned the institution that, the arrangements will create a lot of inconveniences for them.

In the petition, the student body submits that, it beats imaginations for the institution to call them back to campus at this crucial moment when most of them are teaching/ preparing the Junior High School students for their Basic Education Certificate Examination.

*”We are not sure the University of Cape Coast, the institution that we’ve all been proud of, is interested in rather disadvantaging it students, and creating discomfort between them and the various Education Directorates across the country. It will interest the Management of the Institution to know that, most students (teachers) go through serious challenges with Directors of Education before granted the permission to pursue some of these courses (Sandwich/ Distance). After the permission is granted, teachers are given strict orders that the course must not in any day conflict with their work. Hence, it will be very difficult, if not impossible, to seek permission to be out of school to pursue a course, and to be granted same, especially at this critical time”* – part of the petition reads.

The concerned sandwich students are appealing to the Institute of Education of the University of Cape Coast to consider the plight of the many and reconsider the communicated arrangements. The students, through a Google docs view collection suggest they will be happy if they are called back after BECE, or better still assess them on the online portal as the institution did for the lecturing.

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