Africa Lowae is a song that explains the the importance of Africa Sierra Leone to be specific. Letting people know what we have, it’s diversity, resources, culture, its people and traditions. It a song that is calling on people wherever they are to come back and build on what we have. It is written in Mende and krio. Africa Lowae was recorded in 2018. I got the inspiration whilst I was at work with my colleagues, I asked them to translate in Mende what is “This is Africa everyone should come” from that instant I started vibe to the beat which I started producing and trying to put the words that was translated together. It was fun as I made loads of mistakes, everyone in the car laughed but I still carried on. It was a great experience for me and people appreciate the song and the video went it was out.

Maggie X MSM 1000 - Africa Lowae (Official Audio 2019) 🇸🇱(144p) [Download]

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