Apostle Francis Amoako-Attah’s Kumawu Prophecy fulfilled.


The SEER, Apostle Francis Amoako Attah-Founder and Leader of Parliament Chapel International has again been hailed by many people who have been following developments as regards the happenings at Kumawu these few days.

The reason for that, this Journalist was amazed to know, and could not hide it from the World is an in-depth prophecy Apostle Francis Amoako released about Kumasi and Kumasi to be precise.

This happened two years ago, on 27th October 2021, when the SEER Apostle Francis Amoako Attah was leading the 2nd ‘Mpaebo Kese’ activities in Church.

‘Mpaebo Kesie’ is a routine power-packed prayer session put together by Parliament Chapel International (PCI) which is held at the Church’s auditorium, where the power and the authority of God is revoked.

During the second session of this all-inspiring prayer session, the SEER, Apostle Francis Amoako Attah told his congregation to “Write this (prophecy) down.”

This didn’t make sense to anybody until last night when all attention of the media, chiefs, and all political parties was drawn to Kumawu to jostle and campaign for vote.

In that Prophesy, Apostle Francis Amoako said in Twi and was translated into English, “We knew that Okomfo Anokye planted a tree, a very big ancient tree, which is dying off and an Angel of the Lord stretches His hands and asked me to see what is happening to the tree. In the realms of the Spirits, I saw a Kumawu Tree, and it is getting sprouted, the Kumawu tree has started growing and now the tree which had died a long time ago; the tree has suddenly grown in Kumawu.”

According to him, the Kumawu tree has branches and produced seven different types of fruits and the whole village and the Ashanti Kingdom turn their attention onto the village (Kumawu).

He said; “I saw a party flag, pick-ups, cars, and what is more surprising is that I saw Kings, chiefs, and big politicians; all coming to Kumawu to eat from that tree.”

The SEER also indicated that the since the Tree has produced seven different fruits, he saw many people in the spirit realm, sneaking into the community to ‘steal’ some of the fruits.

“That Kumawu Tree has sprouted and grown,” he said.

“Write this prophecy down. The Kumawu tree has bear fruits. Kings, and politicians will go there in night to get some of the fruits to eat. People are just sneaking into the community in darkness.”

Apostle Francis Amoako Attah stated strongly that “Hope” is being restored in Kumawu, stressing that “In 2024, the Ashanti Region will become the eye for the winner. And that Ashanti region will become one of the most dangerous places and any party that would joke with that Region would do so at its own risk.

He also mentioned that the Ashanti region will become the basket of decisions in 2024, as “Many stars are coming from Ashanti region.”

This prophesy didn’t make any sense until last night when activities at Kumawu become the top of issues on our airwaves.

Chiefs, and several top politicians from all political parties have traveled to Kumawu to ensure that they, and their party succeed in getting some of the fruits from the Kumawu Tree.

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