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Hon. Maame Pokua Sawyerr

We the concern youth of Agona East deems it very important that we tailor a specific Ghanaian and patriotic response to the concomitant lies and crass incompetent of Maame Pokua Sawyerr, MP for Agona East Constituency in the last eight years rule of “rice and oil”.

When the mantle of leadership and a peaceful constituency was handed over to Maame Pokua Sawyerr, the hopes and expectations of the youth were very high. Eight years into the moribund maladministration of the MP, it has been one sordid story after the other. Having flown on the wings of lavish and unachievable campaign promises to gain political power, it is not surprising that the Auditor General’s report of 2015, 2016, 2017 and especially 2018 recommends that the MP through the appropriate state institution makes a recovery of ¢80,105.00 for mismanagement of public funds. This amongst other unfortunate dealings of the MP has rather led to many setbacks in the young and needy constituency like ours.

Once again, the MP has been on a new fairy tale promising spree, that is beginning to catch up with her, and many of the persons who voted for her in 2012 and 2016 are undoubtedly counting the days and wishing that the next election will take place today so they can rush to the voting centres and exercise their constitutional mandate, voting out such lies, incompetence and arrogance, as an MP.

Ahead of the 2012 elections at a public durbar in Agona Asafo, one of the biggest communities in the district where the longest serving finance minister of Ghana (Prof. Kwesi Botwe) hails from, the MP, then parliamentary candidate of the NDC promised to construct the internal roads of the town within first forty days when elected to office. This was full of long talks, but with empty on substance. Obviously, since the ability to memorize and rattle Twi lines with lyrical massage and strange intonations does not necessarily lend heavy weight and substance to walk the talk, it certainly did not see the light of the day. This, unfortunately went well with the electoral populace who eventually converted their hopes into votes and gave Maame Pokua the nod as the Member of Parliament for the constituency.

Ladies and gentlemen, in keeping with our avowed assurance to offer commitment to the president’s quote of being “citzens and not spectators”, and to at all times hold the MP and other leaders in public offices to the fire of accountability, we deem it extremely necessary to inform the good people of Agona East and Ghana that, the promise was just a figment of her imagination intended to lie to the eminent traditional leaders and the entire community.
This is because the speculative lies and outright disrespect for the people of Agona East concocted in the pot of her febrile imagination could have easily been realized within her eight solid years.

Few months ago, on the 14th of February 2020 at Agona Nsaba, exactly 10:00am, the Member of Parliament once again stepped on a well calculated propaganda masterpiece; one of the biggest lies in the history of Agona East. She bussed her party members, invited youth groups from different parts of the constituency to grace a big durbar to inaugurate a community “Gala project”, and the construction of a new astro turf at Agona Nantifa for the finals of the Gala within a six month period. This was also greeted with a lot of excitement and expectations against the background that Agona East can boast of football talent. Ladies and gentlemen, the MP once again, is in process of deceiving the youth into the space of delusion. It been five months since the project was inaugurated with no sign of securing even the land for the project. Already, the teaming majority of youth have lost faith in her, considering the fact that she has not offered any hope to them, coupled with suffering under her leadership for almost eight good years.

The constituency has been going through very unbearable moments under the nonperforming ME, coupled with her numerous unfulfilled promises. Clearly, we can confidently say that the MP was on a mission to make noise and hopefully boost his reportedly flagging campaign for reelection, and nothing more. Otherwise no logical explanation comes easily to mind for her antics exhibited in a full blown press and teaming majority of youth in Agona East constituency.

We the concern youth of Agona East simply cannot wait for December 7, to rapidly rip off same power granted to Maame Pokua Sawyerr, which has rather been used in the right years for incompetence exhibition in the constituency, continuous cacophonous lies and shameful representation of the people’s mandate with only “rice and oil” to show.

……. signed…….
*Omankyeame* NYO.

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