Bishop P.B. Wood (left)

Dear Mr. President,
Greetings from Citizen Bishop, I hope you are doing well. Blessings!!!

Mr. President All Indications Are That The Earliest We Can Get A Vaccine for Covid19 Is By The End Of The Year. The Orthodox Drugs for cure that had even gone through Clinical tests are yet to be on the open market with no timelines as I write this to you.

At this point my humble Appeal is to give us clear guidelines for the rest of the months of the year based on Statistics and Data available to you, it can be in phases so that at any given time we know what to do or expect.

The continuous two weeks review creates a lot of tension, anxiety etc as we all keep wake in the night to hear from You, which in my humble opinion not a very healthy practice in a pandemic situation like this.

Prayer, Spiritual Fellowship is now more important than ever. We must do everything within our means possible to keep the Spiritual Moral of the people very high.
The Continuous Ban on Church Services and Group Spiritual activities may do more harm to the Psyche of the people, the solution may then ends up being worse than the Problem.

A Short, medium, and Long term plan that is clear, reasonable and achievable target for the rest of the months may soothe our anxiety as we all patiently wait for the gradual and complete lifting of Covid19 restrictions.

Thank You And God Bless Your Effort

Citizen Bishop
Prince Benny Wood

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