A recent video cited on social media saw some labourers showering praises on voiceforous female artiste, Shatana for employing them to work on her piece of land.


The labourers by their composure , were very elated to work for Shatana. They however registered their displeasure in a wild tone against young females who pay huge amounts of money to go under the knife instead of using those huge amounts to undergo projects that can benefit the society.They explained that due to Shatana’s innovative thinking, all her monies are into investments that are at the long run helping to employ them to get monies to cater for themselves. They then advised that, young ladies should find it worthwhile to invest their monies into projects and asserts rather than going to do liposuctions that involve fake silicon to make their buttocks and breasts larger to attract men. They teasingly asserted that men that get involved with women who do liposuction are not wise enough because all the bodily asserts are just fake.

Checkout the video from below.


Shatana has been on a spree to sensitize the general public, especially the youth on the negative effects of liposuction. She even has a song, “Lipo Lipo” out already which demeans Liposuction. Check it out from below.


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