The items below are to be provided by the groom to be…

1. HEAD DRINK: Usually a whiskey or wine. It’s called “Tir NSA” which means “head drink”. It’s what seals the whole marriage process. Some people offer money as well.

2. A BOTTLE OF GIN OR SCHNAPP/WHISKEY: this is preferred now instead of palmwine.

3. TRADITIONAL WAX PRINT OR CLOTH : This is for the bride and should be about 6 pieces.

4. THE DOWRY/BRIDE PRICE : You can pay money and add some items to the money sometimes.

5. SOME MONEY AND A PAIR OF SANDALS : For the mother of the bride.

6. A BOTTLE OF WHISKEY : For the father of the bride. Sometimes, the groom regard it appropriate and so he may include some money and piece of cloth for him.

7. AKONTA SEKAN : This is money for the bride’s brothers or male cousins(if the bride has no brothers).

8. A NEW SUITCASE: Usually, the suitcase contain some items like shoes, lady wears, headpieces and some gifts that the bride would need.

9. SOME MONEY FOR THE BRIDE: This amount is meant for the bride to start a business with or to boost her business or job.

10. AN ENGAGEMENT RING : preferably diamond or gold ring.


12. COOKING UTENSILS: The bride would need them for her new home.

13. EXOTIC JEWELRY: for the bride.

14. ENOUGH FOOD AND DRINKS : This is for the ceremony. To serve the guests who would be present at the occasion.

NB : What drives the list of items is the taste of the bride’s family and some individual preferences. A man is seen to be responsible as soon as he receives the engagement list.


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