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Sarah Awotwe(Writer)

“We are responsible for our own life”
“We have the power to determine our own destiny”
These are words that has been passed down to us. As generations pass by, these and other motivational words meant to shape lives are rarely applied if at all.

“Easier said than done”
Now this is one phrase which has been accurately executed by both the person who inspires and the person being inspired. Many of us have been living a life of pain and hurt and have come across numerous motivational films. Yet, we live our lives as though we have never encountered such.The secret to a comfortable life is not in motivational words or inspirational speeches alone because one needs to know the modus operandi of how to go about it . There is a spontaneous impact when you feel you need to take a bold step. However, the courage to actually initiate that bold step could take months or even years to actually realize that the quotes or videos work in real life.

“Faith moves mountains”
Now, this Biblical words work hand in hand in the sense that, there is never a time that a movivation speech gives you the complete courage without moving according to God’s word.
Listen to all the motivational and inspirational speeches you want including this one below but have in mind that, you can do nothing without God’s word.

By SarAlyona  Ministries

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