Brokenheart nearly destroyed my music career – Shuwga

Shuwga (musician)

Many talents go wasted in our days due to the kind of maltreatments they encounter in their social life.

Richlove Nana Ama Boakye popularly known in the music scene as Shuwga has given out her true life experience which almost killed her God given talent as a singer. Shuwga disclosed that after high school, she really wanted to develope her love for music to a professional career. At this time she was in relationship with this fine boy who she refused to disclose his name. She was very much attached to this lover boy and was hoping only death could do them apart.
All of a sudden, a bad wind blew from no where and his sweetboy started messing up with their relationship which later ended in tears for her.
After the boy had left her, she became hopeless and was not able to focus on her life nor music. But fortunate for her, she met this new guy who brought a refreshing breeze into her life that is really putting her life in a different level. Just recently, the former boyfriend came to apologized and want her back.
Shuwga has put all her ordeal into a song to tell young women never to give up and also caution men to treat ladies well because of yiubhit a ball to a wall, it bounces back to you.
The song is really doing well in the market and seriously, Shuwga has proven to the world the kind of beautiful talent she has. She named the song “Maye fine” which featured Oman and produced by a top music icon DrRaybeat. Below is a link to the song and her social media handles.

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