There’s been special edition of program hosting by many tv station across the world but the one that took us by surprise is the one hosted by the first Ghanaian veteran broadcaster who first introduced vernacular language on air during the vibrant era of vibe fm 91.9, Mr Albert Johnson, affectionately know as Odeefo, single handedly hosted all the shows on KFM TV from morning till evening to mark the Eid fltr holiday .

The Di Asa Mc , started with the morning show Ghana Nti, then he did the news , then the D & R show , The Trending show among others. He hosted all the shows from morning to evening.

Mr Albert Johnson has been in the media fraternity for close to 30years as a vibrant radio/tv personality,DJ, MC , Fashion Designer and a production person who is also enthused about his job.

He seems to be a history maker since he was the first person to introduce Akuapim twi on commercial radio fraternity in ghana during his time on vibe Fm 91.9 the soul of the capital in the days of vibrant street carnival at OSU Oxford Street to allow others to follow later , like the likes of peace Fm , ADOM fm , just to mention few.

research and checks shows no single person has ever hosted a show on a single day in the broadcast world , well you can also check…
Therefore we can say that another history has been made by him.

The early 90s saw him traveling around the world to rock shows. He’s worked with a lot of firms and put his all in whatever he does. He’s trained a lot of media personalities we hear of today. He has also worked and managed 6 radio stations across the country.
He has a kind heart and generous person. Let’s congratulate and show him love whiles he’s alive. let’s not wait until he’s no more.

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